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Puglia is a magical land where respect for nature gives products of character. In addition to our products it is our duty to bear witness to the greatness of this land, unique in art and history, culture, society and gastronomy is pervaded by a fascinating and powerful nature.

Our company is strongly rooted in the Apulian territory, our headquarters is located in the Murge plateau from the Latin word murex , pointed stone, for the presence of all the calcareous rock that has given rise to numerous phenomena of underground and epigean karst such as sinkholes, ravines, the blades, the swallow-holes and the caves, places characterized by the total absence of permanent surface watercourses, but rich in underground watercourses, which offer a rich deep water table and numerous small surface aquifers used for irrigation of the fields. What makes this area of our land even more interesting is the Alta Murgia National Park, the first rural park in Italy, because in addition to protecting the natural ecosystem, it deals with the preservation and enhancement of the entire territorial unit that is in close relationship with the physical aspect (the farms, the jazzi, the sheep-tracks, the uses, traditions and customs). This approach is necessary to hand down ancient local traditions, as well as to preserve a rational and sustainable use of resources, considering that within our territory there are about 1,500 spontaneous plant species (we are talking about a quarter of the 6,000 present in Italy, a real biodiversity reserve). Our company was born in one of the most important centers of the Murge: Altamura, white and elegant, the Lioness of Apulia, as it was renamed for its resistance by the Holy See, was one of the cities loved by Frederick II who gave it the urban plan still current, made of cloisters (squares) and maze of alleys with at its center, the cathedral in Romanesque-Apulian style. A city also renowned for its bread, as famous as a work of art. Tall, of great size (in jargon “u sckuanète”), mentioned by Horace in the Satires, with a great social value because it was baked in public ovens. To prevent the loaves from getting confused, the baker would mark them with the initials of the owner or head of the family. The stamps were passed down from generation to generation and kept with great reverence, with respect for the raw materials, for the rituals of baking and for the mother earth and its most genuine and archaic fruits. 

Our philosophy

Our love for authenticity, our passion for nature and our adoration of the earth are the basis of our philosophy. 

We make sure that our processes are as accurate and natural as possible, so that they flow like life itself.

Fascinated by the energy and power of nature, we respect its needs, acting in harmony with its cycles and rhythms. Our foundations are passion and respect for our land. We try to support traditions, pursuing the craftsmanship of our product that challenges the destructive progress of chemical techniques and industrialization. We greedily believe that the entire process can be carried out using natural products to support the well-being of the consumer. We owe everything to nature. Our love and passion are infinite and we show it in the respect with which we work, protecting and taking care of every detail, in order to leave an excellent legacy to our future generations. 

We do to live the thing we love most. This pact with time, nature and tradition leads to one place: excellence. We believe in innovation and we are carrying out research projects on the use of raw materials, on the production of new natural preparations, on the possibility to cultivate, preserve and improve what nature offers us. Our goal is to use our products to show the reality of what happens every year in one of the best lands in the world.We want our products to contain only what the earth itself provides, without any changes to the production process. We want the true essence of the earth, the full expression of nature.


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